Capital Management

Eipcs Cloud Portal is an integrated WCM (workforce capital management) solution delivers in a single platform from hiring, Administration, personnel information management, employee self – service, leave – time & attendance, on – boarding self – service portal, payroll information management. It offers a true infrastructure that makes the software fully accessible from both mobile and web. This also means that it can easily scale as the business grows.

WCM solutions (EIPCS) has categorized into products to combine all the features for Administration portal,Application tracking portal,personnel information management, employee self-
service, leave-time & attendance, benefits and recruitment. The combination of these modules into different products under one portalassures the perfect platform for re-engineering and aligning your workforce processes along with the organizational goals. WCM solutions also includes a full toolset that helps users easily post jobs, screen applicants and later, on-board new hires. There are also tools for social network integration, referral management and an employee career site.

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