At Joint Dynamics we take a team approach to physiotherapy, working as a group to solve the issues that are causing you pain and dysfunction. Using cutting edge technologies and techniques the expert team use current evidence informed treatment, recovery and prevention methods.

Postnatal Physiotherapy

With baby arrived you may find aspects of your physical condition are not what they were. Physiotherapy can provide assistance with many common issues associated with a woman’s body after the birth. Abdominal Weakness, Breast Problems, Incontinence and Prolapse, Safe return to exercise and back and neck pain. Physiotherapy can also assist with some of those mommy workplace injuries like RSI from incorrect breastfeeding positioning. Allow yourself to focus on what is important by allowing a Physiotherapist assist you with transitioning your body.

Prenatal Physiotherapy

Congratulations on your Pregnancy.  Pregnancy and having children is an amazing experience, with the experience sometimes leaving your body a little changed for it.  Physical discomfort is seen as a part of the process however not everything that happens has to be soldiered through.  Pre Natal Physiotherapy can offer relief for Back and Neck pain, Leg Cramps,  Safe Exercising and Relaxation to name but a few.  Good Physiotherapy care throughout your pregnancy can ensure your body is taken care of as well as you are taking care of the growing body inside you.

Posture Correction

Headaches, neck pain, shoulder stiffness, back discomfort can all be symptomatic of our learned “computer posture”, the human body was not designed to sit for long lengths of time. Improving posture can have benefits for these ailments but also assists with better breathing & digestion, hormone production and even strengthening the immune system. All of these things along with having that suit jacket with a more flattering fit or loosing that middle age stoop. Physiotherapy techniques can assist with improvement in both seated and standing posture for aesthetic and physiological benefits.

Sports Injuries

Playing rugby, hockey, soccer? Enjoying the sport of Cross-fit, Olympic lifting or a spinning class? The sports and activities we love can often be the cause of some of our worst and most long suffered injuries. Physiotherapy is known globally for the treatment of sporting and leisure injuries, experts in movement analysis Physiotherapists can not only treat the injury but also the cause of the injury by investigation and correction of a dysfunction. Treatment can mean soft tissue manipulation, stretches and strengthening and will most always include a clients homework to ensure success.

Post Operative Rehabilitation

Most people think of Physiotherapy only in case of orthopedic type operations, (knee replacement, shoulder surgery etc, ) and certainly Physiotherapy is an integral part of the rehabilitation process. However did you know that the safest and easiest way back to return to your day to day activities is to consult a Physiotherapist for many different types of surgery. Consider Cardiothoracic surgery that can require Physiotherapy to assess respiratory function providing techniques to assist with balance, coordination, muscle weakness and fatigue, breathing work and improved range of movement, abdominal surgery has many of the same factors.


The way we walk, sit, run, throw, jump, hit or strike can have a profound impact on the body. Often the warning signs of injury are there long before the 20km mark or the green of the 14th hole. Movement mapping and gait analysis are just two methods that Physiotherapists can use to provide warnings of potential injury sites. Identification of these problems, pre-development, mean that intervention can be provided to have the client doing what they love for longer without the need for injury sidelining.

Daily life / daily niggles (50+ physio!)

As we age, live, work, exercise and play we develop aches and pains. Many are symptomatic of our activity and pass over, like muscle soreness after a weights session, others become a backdrop to our daily activity. A “dodgy knee” that bothers you only going down stairs, hip pain from carrying the baby, wrist pain when you’ve been typing or back discomfort when you’ve been sitting in a car. Pain and issues that we’ve learned to live with. Physiotherapy can offer relief and often freedom from these shackles. Working with your body to pinpoint and correct movement pattern can remove these issues providing a level of comfort you had forgotten was normal.

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